My first 3D print

The Tx/Rx Labs MakerBot was running in full force today and really functioning flawlessly. When I got up to the shop, we spent the first few hours wiring up the end-stops and just making sure everything was working. This should have been done earlier since people have been printing with it since yesterday, but some [...]

Fan PoV 1.1

The latest project I am working on is a PoV display that I can attach to a fan blade. I finally got it all soldered up on some perf board. Now I just need to trim the board and figure out what I’m going to do for power. Currently it can take power either from [...]

The MakerBot lives!!! (sort of)

Well, as you may know, we at Tx/Rx Labs have been assembling a MakerBot recently. After working through several small issues, we are very close to printing our first object. This weekend we did some testing of the X/Y/Z axis controls and started experimenting with slicing models and converting them into GCode.

STL is a [...]

Spykee robot

I just bought a new Spykee robot from Erector. It’s an amazing little robot so far, I’m really impressed with it. I’m working on several modifications already. In case you’re wondering, this is what it looks like.

It has several features that I was interested in when looking to purchase it. Spykee is capable [...]

My problem with blogging

I have a serious problem with blogging. I love the idea of having a blog, I just don’t like generating the content required to actually maintain one. I don’t necessarily think this is because I’m lazy, which occasionally I am, but because I always end up feeling like I am obligated to post once I [...]