Fan PoV 1.1

The latest project I am working on is a PoV display that I can attach to a fan blade.  I finally got it all soldered up on some perf board.  Now I just need to trim the board and figure out what I’m going to do for power.  Currently it can take power either from the USB-to-TTL header or through a simple little 5v power circuit.  The project is based of a breadboard Arduino kit I built for a class I taught last month and a TLC5940 16-Channel LED driver.  I did a pretty sloppy job soldering it all together but I plan on printing a PCB or having one printed for this eventually, so it doesn’t really matter.

Once it was built, I started working on the sketch for the PoV.  Luckily, someone built a very nice Arduino library for the TLC5490 so programming with this chip is a cinch.  The hardest part was setting up byte arrays for each character I want to display, but I couldn’t really thing of a better way to do it than this. Here is a link to the code and photoshop file I used to create the arrays.


16 pixel font w/ all special characters

I should have some good video of it working tomorrow or over the weekend, expect another post soon with more details.

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