My first 3D print

The Tx/Rx Labs MakerBot was running in full force today and really functioning flawlessly.  When I got up to the shop, we spent the first few hours wiring up the end-stops and just making sure everything was working.  This should have been done earlier since people have been printing with it since yesterday, but some people prefer to rush things rather than taking the time to do them right.  After spending a few hours with the wiring, we did some cleanup around the shop and then got to printing.  Patrick got first turn and got to print some dodecahedron he generated with Mathematica and exported to STL.  Something was causing some problems with his printing so they kept shifting halfway through the print process.

Once he printed off three or four items, it came to my turn.  I wanted to print something that would be instantly recognizable; something iconic.  I loaded up the STL file in Skeinforge, exported it to GCODE, opened it in ReplicatorG and fired off the build.  I took a few videos throughout the process, please excuse the terrible terrible video quality.  I will definitely be buying a video recorder ASAP.  Probably the Creative Vado HD.

Where's the monkey??

Where's the monkey??

And here’s a picture of the final model!  It came out really great, I love the crisp edges and razor straight lines.  The top came out a bit funky unfortunately, the extruder just doesn’t know how to handle printing that small I think.  The layers end up being so small that it’s printing hot ABS on hot ABS.

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