The thing about gears

It’s a complete bitch to get the arbors straight when you’re assembling gear trains made out of wood. I think I did pretty well really. Today I stained all the pieces that will be stained, primarily the gear train, and then assembled most of the gears on their arbors.

Here I have applied [...]

A wooden clock…

I wanted to take some pictures of a wooden clock I’m building. All the pieces are laser cut so only minor sanding and trimming is necessary. A minimum of tools is required. Some glue, a few different kinds of clamps, a dead-blow, a screwdriver, a razor knife, a tape measure, a pencil and some masking [...]

Turbo Pyro!

I’ve been waiting patiently for my Turbo Pyro kit from Skylighter for a week now. Today, I had a nice surprise in my mailbox!

What is Turbo Pyro, you say? Just one of the coolest things ever sold on the internet! Before I go into any more detail, I want to make one thing totally [...]