Turbo Pyro!

I’ve been waiting patiently for my Turbo Pyro kit from Skylighter for a week now.  Today, I had a nice surprise in my mailbox!

What is Turbo Pyro, you say?  Just one of the coolest things ever sold on the internet!  Before I go into any more detail, I want to make one thing totally clear.

The experimentation with, and the use of pyrotechnic materials can be dangerous. It is important for the reader to be duly cautioned.  Making fireworks is inherently dangerous. Serious injury or even death can result from any number of causes, sometimes beyond the user’s control. Before proceeding with these projects, be sure that you are willing to undertake these risks.

With this warning out of the way, lets get down to brass tacks.  Turbo Pyro is an accelerated program design to help you learn a broad range of fireworking skills.  It is setup so that you progress chapter by chapter, making a total of ten different pyrotechnic devices, including flying-fish-fuse mines, pumped stars, star mines, tube sparklers, black powder and several other more advanced projects.

As I start working through the kit I plan on making several more posts about the various things I am working on.  Feel free to send me questions if you’re curious about anything or just want more details.

Here is what came with the kit.


The kit includes everything you see here.  It’s quite an assortment so let me go over some of the details.


Tubes, shells and mortars of various size and windings.  Different projects call for different types of tube, some are spiral wound and some are parallel wound.  The arial shells are #5 shells.


Lots and lots of fuse!  Green and yellow flying fish fuse, which if you’re not familiar, you should watch this.  Flying fish fuse burns with bright color and a force that is strong enough to actually propel the fuse when lit.  There is also some paper-wrapped quick-match, some regular Visco, some fast Visco and some super fast chinese Visco that burns way faster than any Visco I’ve seen before.  You need lots of different types of fuse for ignition, timing and effects.


Chemicals!  They have provided lots and lots of chemicals.  This is only half of them.  Two different kinds of charcoal, airfloat for making black powder and 80 mesh for a nice yellow spark in fountains.  Airfloat charcoal is just very very fine milled charcoal.  It is also just a little dangerous and can spontaneously combust.  Potassium Nitrate is a standard pyro oxidizer and is used for making black powder as well as making and priming stars.


The kit also comes with some sulfur, which is used to make black powder, dextrin, a water soluable glue, bentonite, a self-sticky clay that is rammed into tubes to form plugs and nozzles and finally some ferro-titanium, an alloy of titanium and iron that is used in sparklers and fountains for beautiful white sparks.


The last components are tools that you will need to make the pyrotechnic devices.  Working from the scale clockwise, we have three different spindles attached to a base, a hollow ramming drift, a solid ramming drift which has a star pump sleeve on it, a ram-through funnel and a drill guide with a drill bit in it.  The spindles are used to create empty spaces inside rammed compositions in a tube.  The rams are self-explanatory.  The drill guide allows you to accurately drill spin holes on helicopters, stinger missiles and other spinning projects.

That’s it for the kit.  It also includes a 175 page eBook that is literally chocked full of projects with great pictures, links to videos and lots of explanations for each project.  I can’t wait to get started on it.  Look for more posts in the near future.

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