Assembling the Frame Part 1

I started assembling the frame yesterday and I’m making progress slowly. Like I said before, the stuff is hard to work with. Until the whole thing is together, it really wants to shift and move around a lot. I don’t want to lock down any of the bolts for the brackets until it’s all the [...]

The arrival of parts

Finally getting some parts so I can start working on the cutter. Last week I received the v-bearings and skate bearings. Today I received all the extruded frame, v-groove rails, toothed pulleys and belt. I started assembling the frame but the stuff is pretty hard to work with. The t-nuts want to slide all over [...]

Working on the laser cutter

I finally got the acrylic pieces I want cut laid out to send to Pololu. Hopefully, everything is right, but this is the first time I have submitted something for laser cutting so I may be sending a second order once I figure it all out. Here is what I just submitted to them for [...]

Building a laser cutter

I have decided to try building a laser cutter rather than making a huge commitment to purchase one. I have been following the blog of a gentleman in Chicago recently who is building one from the ground up and his blog is exceptionally detailed. You can find the blog at His work on this [...]