Working on the laser cutter

I finally got the acrylic pieces I want cut laid out to send to Pololu.  Hopefully, everything is right, but this is the first time I have submitted something for laser cutting so I may be sending a second order once I figure it all out.  Here is what I just submitted to them for review.

I used the basic drawings from bdring’s build log, but had to modify some of the pieces to get the proper sizes and holes for laser cutting.  It’s my first time getting this all setup so hopefully it works out well.  Not sure how long Pololu will take to process it and give me a quote but I’ve heard really good things about their speed in processing orders.  My frame extrusion should be here Tuesday and I think my rails will ship out 3/2 or 3/3.  I can’t wait to start putting stuff together.  It should help me visualize what else I need to work on.

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