The Frame Assembled and New Bits and Pieces

Well, the frame is done.  I’m really happy how it came together and squared up once all the pieces were connected.  It feels quite solid now.

I also did a test hole on a scrap piece of steel v-rail.  I’ve never really worked with anything harder than aluminum but it was cake.  Hole looks nice and it should be no problem drilling all the v-rails with the necessary holes.  Used my drill press from Harbor Freight, a nice set of 130 degree split point cobalt drill bits.  I have decided to use a 5/32″ drill bit for the v-rails and then a 7/64″ bit tapped to 6-32 for the aluminum frame.  I could go with a bigger hole on the v-rail but hopefully there is no need.

Also, I got some new parts for the project.  A couple lens holders, a mirror/lens assembly, a couple nice Keling stepper motors, a ColdfusionX 4-channel stepper controller and a 24V 8.5A stepper motor power supply.  Also got my cut acrylic pieces from Pololu.  Those guys are the best.  They were incredibly fast, cheap and they called me three times to clear up little issues with the file before cutting.  I highly recommend using them for any and all laser-cutting needs.  They do a lot of other stuff as well, but I can’t vouch for that since I haven’t used it yet.

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