Linear motion

I love how smooth the movement is with the v-groove bearings and v-rails.  It is really a beautiful thing.  So beautiful in fact that I had to take a video of it.  There is (almost) zero (happy?) slack on the movement, the sound you may hear when I switch directions is the mirror/lens assembly moving a bit since I haven’t tightened it down yet.  I have all the rails and frames drilled, tapped and assembled.  I’m working on the z-axis bearing pieces now and all the acrylic that needs to be drilled/tapped is done.  Assembly is moving forward as fast as the heat permits, it’s been somewhere close to 5000ºF here in Houston lately and I haven’t setup the portable AC in the garage yet.  I should really do that, maybe this weekend.  Just need to cut a hole in the ceiling for the hot air exhaust.  Here’s a video of the progress I’ve made on the laser so far.

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