So much hardware…

So I’ve been slowly collecting hardware for the laser cutter and I think I’m just about done.  I currently have a huge pile of little bags of various fasteners on my workbench.  Nuts, bolts, washers, lock washers, cut washers, t-nuts, bearings, rails, threaded rods, etc.  I have a few more bits and pieces coming over the weekend and next week, mostly for the lid and z-table, then I will be ready to begin assembly.  I need to buy a #4-40 and #10-32 tap also.  I’m a little nervous about drilling and taping the HDPE and acrylic since they each react very differently to drilling and can be very touchy if not done right.  Hopefully I don’t have to get Bart to cut me any replacements.

My parallel cable came in today and I was all excited about playing around my motor controller and stepper motors but I accidentally bought a DB25M to DB25M when I needed a DB25M to DB25F.  I ordered a DB25F to DB25F coupler from Amazon and it should be here Saturday.  Amazon Prime is a wonderful thing.  I built a computer that I plan on installing inside the laser enclosure but I’m not 100% sure everything will fit.  My vision is to just plug a beefy power cable, monitor cable, mouse, keyboard, water and air hoses into the back of the box and start cutting.  I’m going to order some nice toggle switches with those cool red toggle switch guards on them for the front to power up everything and a big red emergency stop button for… just in-case.  Might also mount a 20×4 LCD I have on the front for some data display.  I’m thinking it might be interesting to have a readout of water temp in the laser tube and some other stuff.

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