Lets get mechanical


Finished up the mechanical part of the cutter.  The X/Y/Z table is done and everything is moving great.  It went together really well other than a few small issues.  Once I got the gantry on the y-axis rails, I noticed it started binding up about halfway up the rails.  It took a lot of tweaking, loosening, tightening and prying but eventually I got everything nice and square.  The gantry is smooth like butter.  No problems installing the laser car on the gantry, it moves very smooth too.  I also got the belts cut to length and attached on both sides of the Y axis and on the gantry arm.  I think tomorrow I will hit the hardware store and buy some wood to cover the whole enclosure.  I haven’t decided it I want to just go with cheap wood and paint it or go with some nice wood and stain/polish it.  I think it could look amazing with a nice polished wood grain look.  I don’t want to hook up the electronics or anything until I have a place to start mounting stuff.  I plan on mounting the computer components on the side of the enclosure and the motor controller, stepper power supply and laser power supply to the bottom over on the left side.  The back left piece will be for power, video, water and air inlets/outlets.  I hope to get the table up and running under computer control by next weekend.

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