About Me

My name is Chris Holloway and I live in Houston, TX.  I have lived in or around Houston all of my life.  I am an avid technology enthusiast and a self-proclaimed geek and hacker.  I am a founding member of Tx/Rx Labs, Houston’s Hackerspace and technology collective.

I currently work for an energy marketing and trading company here in Houston doing system administration and trade floor support.

As well as my electronics and programming hobbies, I enjoy cooking and did almost two years in a kitchen at a local Italian restaurant learning the trade.  I still love to cook to this day, I just have no desire to do it for a living.  Included in my culinary interests are a love for beer, wine and good single-malt scotch.  I also am an ardent cigar collector with close to three-hundred cigars in my collection at this time.

I have a soft spot in my heart for mechanical workings.  Anything with gears, levers, pulleys or cogs fascinates me.  I have worked through several levels of an online watch school and own/maintain many mechanical watches now.  I have built functional clocks out of everything from paper or wood to plastic or even Lego bricks.  I spent one year studying pyrotechnics and built several different firework shells up to four inches in diameter.  I have built my own model rocket engines and launched home-built rockets with them.

Those are just a few of the many hobbies I currently pursue or have pursued in the past.  I guess my real hobby is collecting hobbies.