Lets get mechanical


Finished up the mechanical part of the cutter. The X/Y/Z table is done and everything is moving great. It went together really well other than a few small issues. Once I got the gantry on the y-axis rails, I noticed it started binding up about halfway up the rails. It took a lot of [...]

It’s Alive!!!

The project, not the actual laser cutter, but progress is once again being made. I live in Houston, TX and unfortunately, we only have two seasons; mild and ball-melting hot. We get mild from November to February or March and then ball-melting hot for the next seven or eight months. Since my garage is practically [...]

Linear motion

I love how smooth the movement is with the v-groove bearings and v-rails. It is really a beautiful thing. So beautiful in fact that I had to take a video of it. There is (almost) zero (happy?) slack on the movement, the sound you may hear when I switch directions is the mirror/lens assembly moving [...]

So much hardware…

So I’ve been slowly collecting hardware for the laser cutter and I think I’m just about done. I currently have a huge pile of little bags of various fasteners on my workbench. Nuts, bolts, washers, lock washers, cut washers, t-nuts, bearings, rails, threaded rods, etc. I have a few more bits and pieces coming over [...]

The Frame Assembled and New Bits and Pieces

Well, the frame is done. I’m really happy how it came together and squared up once all the pieces were connected. It feels quite solid now.

I also did a test hole on a scrap piece of steel v-rail. I’ve never really worked with anything harder than aluminum but it was cake. Hole looks [...]